To RT you or not to RT you

When I started using Twitter, I had in mind two things:

  1. To access, on a daily basis, to a wide range of people communicating their thoughts, ideas, opinions, but focusing mainly in HOW they present their arguments to defend their thoughts, ideas, opinions. I need to devellop my argumentation skills. This is what I call “learning to think”.
  2. To enlarge my knowledge of management and marketing, as a free of charge e-learning method,  to enhance my possibilities to be a part of a management team within 5 years.

With this in mind, I started to follow some institutional Twitterers like @HarvardBiz, @UoPeople or @women2 but also Public Relations as @SophieLabelle, communication people @NetBine1 or entrepeneurs @cindyrivard and opinion makers @umairh.

Of course, I have all my other following, people that interest me for emotional reasons, wether social @IvyBean104 (because she’s so cute and I like showing her as an example of longevity to my 81 years old mom), @BoccaLisboa (because I like Lisbon, food and wine), economical, financial @PedroPais (need his updates on Euribor whenever I want to check my credits) or professional reasons @freelanceadvice.

Some of these “followings” are becoming my daily routine visiting on media search. However, even if I like reading them, I always ask myself  “why should I retweet this?”. I think we all become marketeers when we RT someone. But to whom do we sell, who do we want to attrack when we RT other people’s comments?

In fact, I think everyone wants to sell him(her)self to the Twitter and www community. But is this being effective? What do I want to sell you? and does my RTs fit in that goal?

I am trying to solve this out in order to be more effective on Twitter.


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