Job titles or Job descriptions?

“What do you do when a PA crosses over from their PA responsibilities and becomes a House Manager?”

This question was posted by Matthew Haack, at Domestic Estate Managers Association, at LinkedIn “Executive and Personal Assistants Society” Group.

And my opinion on this is as follows:

In my opinion, the job title is not important and it varies a lot from a country to another, and from one language to another. In Portugal or France, we don’t use “PA” or “EA” to describe the kind of job you and me are doing, we are called Secretária (portuguese) or Secrétaire (french) and therefore the difficulty I felt to translate my resume in 3 languages. Since we are using new technologies to connect in a global work, it is important for us to be open-minded and to have the ability to see the global scope of our activities within a corporate branch or a private house of a diplomat, for instance. Recruiters must also comply with this global language and to describe what they are looking for in detail.
I hope I’ve been able to express correctly what I think since I’m expressing myself in a foreign language.


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