What do you RT?

Internet is a huge source of information of all kind and it’s almost impossible to think about a word which doesn’t give back a list of matching answers on Google or Big or Yahoo. Wether you talk about sales, marketing, cooking, housing, design, science, math, construction, public relations, baby-sitting, spa, footreflexology, coaching, nursering, whatsoever, you will find it on internet.

The same goes to social communities like Twitter. The scope of informations is so wide that you cannot follow a topic to its full extent because it will link to a web of documents, sites, blogs, authors, books, newspapers, etc etc etc that it is impossible to follow all of it.

I am usually not a “content producer”, I mean I don’t write a lot, I don’t feed the community with my own knowledge and I have really nothing to sell other than offering my attention, my feedback when requested, my opinion, my suggestions. This feedback is what I give back to the Twitter community in reward to the huge amount of learning I get by reading the daily tweets. I also realize that I’ve always been better at listening than at talking (maybe I should ask a coach to enhance this ability and to promote it to my professional devellopment…). I don’t have time to have a blog (this one is just for twitter feed), and besides, it’s not easy to write, I rather read.

When I read Twitter, I need to focus not only on what I choose to read, but also on what I choose to RT. I read a lot of interesting, funny, weared, scientific things. But I’m also feeling the need to shrink my RTs to what fits in my twitter profile and in my Twitter goal: to e-learn about marketing, management, media, entrepreneurship, public relations.

So, my RT’s will focus on these themes.

What about you? Do you adjust your RTs to your profile? It would be nice to read your opinion.


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