No time, no tweet

Nothing made me more happy these last two days than receiving DM from two of my followers asking me why I wasn’t twitting at the same average tweets as I used to. In one of these messages, the follower was even more “critic” by saying that “it’s not fun when one of my most beloved twitterer is missing in my daily report!!!”. My ego really loved this, needless to say!

Well, I’m sure people realize by my bio(on profile), that I am not a web specialist, not a PR, not a SM expert, not a @GuyKawasaki! I’m just a normal Executive Assistant (a secretary to say it simple), that took 2009 available time to learn everything I could regarding social media applications. I discovered Twitter, but also LinkedIn, and I started this blog. That was possible during daytime, because my workload at the company has decreased due to the fact that the major contract we were working on since 2007 finished. So, the team in the office reduced to one person (me!), the production team moved to the main office in Lisbon or to other contract works on the country or abroad and I had all the time to do my daily work and still participate online.

I created my LinkedIn profile and a group for Portuguese Secretaries/Executive Assistants.

I created this blog to feed my @lindamachado on Twitter whenever 140 words are not enough to say what I want.

Now, that my workload is back to normal, I have to run the office, to give full support to the team on site and I work from 9am to 6 pm- but never off before 8pm- monday to friday! I still manage to give a glance at the Echofon or TweetDeck pop-ups but it’s almost impossible to “get things done” and to be online. Twitter and LinkedIn require time but I take my work seriously. My company is paying my salary and my quality of life, not Twitter (at least not for now..).

I like twitting, I like connecting, I like helping people when they ask for some help and I miss not being able to read interesting posts, to watch interesting videos on coaching, on marketing, TED conferences!… I love TED conferences!.

Living in an island gave me the will to go further, to search for what other people are talking about and Twitter is an excelent platform for that! But I cannot do it as a daily routine for now. Should I look for a job on media??… not for now, I think.

So, this is the only reason why I cannot give you my full attention for the moment. It’s a good reason for me. Hope you’ll keep following me to catch my next post, even if that takes some couple of hours or even days…

By the way, I am writing this at the office but today was a productive day, lots of things done and I decided to take 15 minutes to write this before I leave a bit “earlier” today.

Thanks for following me!


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