Why massage therapist (also)?

Several people asked me in these recent days how come an Executive Assistant could be a spa therapist too, meaning they considered it as a minor job.

First of all, I don’t consider it a minor job. In fact, I do think it’s a great challenge when someone put his body on your hands, closes the eyes and let himself go.

Secondly, it’s quite demanding to study a little bit of anatomy. Believe me, it’s difficult to know the names of the muscles and bones of your whole body!

I was searching for a secondary professional activity which had to be completely different from my traditional carreer so that, in a time of crisis or eventual unemployment  I could still pay my house morgage and live decently.

Also, I had a requirement: it should be something with nothing to do with paper, telephones, deadlines and computers.

With this in mind, I attended a basic massage course and training and now I have a paid hobby+part-time job which allows me to pay part of my bills in a zen environment and meeting people.

On the other hand, I also decided that I wanted to work only in a high standard spa. I was lucky because one of my course colleagues got also a part-time job at a spa in a local 5* hotel and indicated me as a good freelancer to fulfill a vacancy.

When I pass the spa door, it’s like getting into twilight zone! I’m delighted to work there! And it’s a pleasure for me when a customer tells me:  “I feel much better now! Thanks!”


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