Where have all my tweets gone??

Twitter recently added new features in its platform and is dealing with some issues this week, making a great number of users to claim that the birds are being so effective in supporting the whale that this one is always showing up! Some have even suggested  “whale hunting and bird shooting”…as a week-end sport activity.

One of the most visible issues is the apparent loss of the users’ tweets, according to the tweet counter showing below the name of each user. I also noticed that and although didn’t care too much, it makes me think why in fact it is important. Here are some of the reasons:

– the measurement applications like Klout or TwitterAnalizer show and analyse this counting, that number being required to the ratios

– the figure also indicates if you are a “long-term persistent runner” who spents lots of time on Twitter or, in the opposite case, if you don’t post a lot, this having nothing to do with the relevance of your account. Seth Godin, for instance, posts rarely twice a day, yet he’s well known as good source for reading and his posts are surely considered important by a large number of followers.

– the tweet counter also gives yourself, as a user, an idea of the amount of sharing and interaction you have put yourself into the network. And that’s the point, I believe, where your feelings are being hurted by Twitter.

Not showing the right amount of tweets from a user is like telling him/her: your not being listened, we don’t care about what you say, we sent it to garbage, you’re not important… you can add your own feeling right here too.

Also, we wonder if the tweets were deleted and lost or if it is just the counter that’s not working. And doubt…doubt is the worst, it’s heart broken, I’d say.

So, please @Twitter! please do your best to give back our tweets. Even if nobody reads them! We know you’re working hard and hope you succeed!


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