What happens when you follow me?

I got this question from someone who wants to have a twitter account but has a trilion questions before opening the account: what do you do when someone follows you?

Well,  if you are reading this tweet-blogpost it means you are following me, I guess. If you do so, it also means that I ‘ve seen or will see your profile and took or will take a couple of minutes to see your most recent ten tweets,at least. That’s what I usually do when I get a new follower. It’s usually only after this that I follow back. That’s why sometimes you’ll have to wait a bit before I follow you back.

I try to maintain this attitude toward my new followers. I don’t auto-follow back, I don’t auto-DM and I don’t like receiving a DM as a first contact on Twitter, as I’ve said before. The DM as a first contact it’s kind of invasive, like if you’d pass by someone on the street and get inside his house just to say “Hello!”. Would this be appropriate? I doubt it! So I never do that as well.

Anyhow, the purpose of this post is to assure you that, if you follow me, I will always take a look at your profile. Then, I make a decision: follow or not follow.  As simple as that!

You may also take a look at My Rules, on this blog, to have an idea of how I manage this issue.

Thanks for reading this blog. If it was a waste on your time :(, feel free to say so on Comments . If you liked it, will you be so kind to choose one of the stars below? :)


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