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Madeira is a Portuguese island, for those who never heard about it, which it’s something quite unbelievable, I must say. You should at least know that Madeira wine is a must and if you’ve never tasted it, you’re loosing a great pleasure.

If you don’t know Madeira, take a look at this 3D site, pick a point, roll your mouse all over and enjoy it.

Madeira is a tourism destination since XIX century where british citizens established wealthy businesses: embroideries, wines, newspappers, hotels, real estate,  etc.

Today, the island has an International Business Center where worldwide companies can have tax benefits and a shipping register offering good services and special conditions to ship owners. IT companies are running business from Madeira to the world from this business center.

Tourism is still the keyword however and the challenge is to adapt to the new ways of marketing, selling and communicating with customers. Social media are a must.

There’s a conference running today at Madeira, called Tourism 2.0. Take a look at the twitter account of the marketeer here and here or the blog here.

However, not a single word online since the conference began. Is this the way we want tourism of Madeira to adapt to new social media times? Where are the online communicators? Or is it my #fail not to find them online?

I wouldn’t mind getting some comments back.


I edited this post on 22/10/2010 to include the following information:

Article on Diário de Notícias da Madeira, 22/10/2010:

My comment there:

“Não consegui assistir a esta conferência no local, mas tentei assistir online, o que não consegui. No entanto, já estive noutra conferência na mesma sala onde esta decorreu. Uma das coisas que entendo ser inadmissível quando se faz conferências supostamente sobre actividades 2.0 é a própria sala não ter condições de comunicabilidade online para o exterior: não tinha captação da rede Vodafone ou TMN (as duas que eu utilizo nos meus telemóveis) e a rede wi-fi na sala estava disponível apenas para os oradores (pedi o acesso e foi essa a explicação que me foi dada pela hospedeira no evento). Assim, fiquei impossibilitada de comunicar e divulgar online e “on real time” o bom nível da conferência e algumas ideias que se debatiam no momento, que interessariam a membros da minha comunidade online. Esta conferência Turismo 2.0 foi promovida pela Optimus. Haveria rede nos telemóveis na sala da conferência? Duvido! até porque só “saíram” alguns tweets do organizador e da assistência no intervalo do almoço e pós conferência. Não se entende isto quando se está na era digital e numa sala com tão optimas condições, falhar exactamente a comunicabilidade! Fica a comunidade online a perder, neste caso ficou o Turismo 2.0 sem a divulgação que poderia ter online. Situação a corrigir pelo hotel CS e a ter em conta pelas próximas organizações destes eventos.
(Em complemento:”, in 22/10/2010


2 thoughts on “tourism 2.0

  1. Linda Machado says:

    Hi Olivier,
    Thanks for your comments. You definitely don’t owe me an explanation!
    I like to participate in local events and I nurture online communication. I do feel that most local events don’t pay attention (or have no budget for, as you said) to the equipments allowing to communicate outside the room. I followed several online events on Ustream, for instance, with live stream. It’s easy and cheap. So it’s kind of awckward to talk about 2.0 when the audience can’t communicate from the conference room, don’t you agree? And with a mobile company as a sponsor, it’s really unacceptable, wether it was happening in Lisbon, Porto, Madeira or wherever.
    Last but not least, Madeira needs to increase and improve the social media participation in particular for tourism purposes (not the big hotel chaines, they’re on, but all the smallest tourism operators too must understand and use these new tools).
    My comments and post were not intended to criticize the quality of the conference (I wasn’t even there) but to point out how to improve online participation for future events.
    Thanks for sharing and absolutely! I’ll keep following you :)
    Linda Machado

  2. Hi Linda,

    Again, I’m sorry about this… I know I have given the explanation on another blog post before, but you do deserve credit for raising the issue.
    I know that next time we will work even harder to get this a reality, in this case it was not feasible for us to have an open wifi for the audience due to budget constraints.
    I wish i would have been able to meet you and explain the situation in person, but hopefully we will have other oportunities.
    In the meantime, let’s keep in touch via twitter and Facebook as we are already following each other there :=)
    Have a great week.
    Olivier P. Soares

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