rules are made to be broken

“Rules are made to be broken”, so I’ve heard, meaning that there are times when we should think for ourselves and not obey every rule blindly.

When I started my strategy for my online presence (yes, I have one!), I created some guidelines that I called “my rules”. These rules help me to stick within certain limits of exposure and participation and are also a way to show to others what I am willing or not willing to speak out or  speak about.

Portugal is facing a severe political and economic crisis which is affecting all citizens. I can’t be apart of the national feeling that we are really “feeling bad” at our politicians and the way our country is being runned these days. Everybody is following the discussion on the national budget for 2011 and wether or not it will be approved at the parliament, with all its consequences. This discussion is trending now on Portuguese twitter as #OE2011 (for english readers: OE stands for Orçamento de Estado, which means National Budget).

As a citizen, I’m affected by all political issues arrising from the way my country is runned, no matter what political party leads the government. I like being a participative citizen, in social issues. In political life, my participation is shown when I vote. I try not to discuss political issues because always felt it’s like religion: it’s a passion, it brings pain. So I step appart. However, it doesn’t mean I’m not suffering from it. So, if you see me tweeting on #OE2011, against my rule no. 13, it means …I’m thinking out of the box and aloud. Will try not to exceed myself on breaking this rule, however!


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