the queen and the christmas ball


This photo was taken last Friday evening at Funchal harbour, Madeira Island, when @MiguelJardim@DecioGaspar@anajsbarbosa and myself  were shooting our digital cameras on a #MadPhotoWalk.

As you can see herehere here and here , we have already the Christmas lights ON all over the town. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are great festivities for local people and a major attraction for tourists. From early December, it’s time to celebrate joy with family and friends.

To brighten up the picture, we had the beautiful and newest luxury ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth,  at the harbour. With a guest capacity of more than 2000 passengers and nearly 1000 crew members who took the opportunity to visit the city centre, the streets were lively and full of flashing cameras all the way from the Cathedral to the harbour. We passed by some crew members who were just having fun taking some photos inside this beautiful light ball as well as others eating at the local fast-foods or just walking on the avenue.

Temperature was cold for us, I mean…17 degrees Celsius ;) and despite some short rain around 8pm, we walked all city centre till midnight enjoying an excellent night.

The photowalk finished at @applex07 ‘s terrace, who kindly invited the group and shared his panoramic view over all the seafront avenue, allowing us to finish the walk with the best photos of the night.

Everything is prepared for Christmas and New Year’s Eve firework on the bay. So, start spreading the word: Santa Claus is coming to town! And so did the Queen!


(special note: follow @madphotowalk for a lot of Madeira photos)


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