keep it simple, please!

Technology and software are getting easier things to be used by everybody. Friendly-user is a must in these fields. However, lots of new features are turning some simple gadgets or applications not so attractive and just complicating what was fine and simple.

Good all

A good example, in my opinion, is the online business card, now transformed in BusinessCard2. While the url and name itself was so simple and effective in terms of information, the new BusinessCard2 is a long url to share and, worst thing!, it’s now an interactive social feature! Come on, folks! Everything must NOT be interactive! We can’t follow and interact with people everywhere online! Static information is sometimes much more usefull than animated info!

We had a simple thing like this one:

Now we have this not so simple thing:

New Hashable

Another recent example that came to my knowlege is, a new social media net also using Twitter to communicate and connect people. By using the hashtag #usguys, I was immediately engaged to convo with nice people who virtually served me a glass of wine and introduced me to several interesting people. I also immediately received an invitation to sign in to Hashable. By using it with Twitter, tweets are full of #’s like #meet #wine #coffee #breakfast and so on.

Well, one of the things I like on Twitter is the simplicity of use, the few words we must use to effectivelly communicate and the easy reading. So, why complicate something that works fine,? On the other hand, I don’t want to be in so many social nets that I cannot give the appropriate feedback to people I follow. So, I’ll keep it simple, guys! Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are already enough for me, at this moment.

Often, simple is better!


3 thoughts on “keep it simple, please!

  1. Os ingleses tem expressao ainda melhor: the KISS principle: Keep It Stupid Simple!
    Eu tenho um ‘Squeezebox’ para receber a radio via internet, e para tambem ouvir a minha musica que tenho no computador. Incrivel, depois de 6 meses a coisa nao faz o que dizem que pode fazer. Nunca vi uma coisa menos ‘user friendly’

    • Linda Machado says:

      Realmente as expectativas por vezes são defraudadas quando as aplicações começam a complicar o serviço oferecido.

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