things to do than talking about the rating agencies, who are know happy to help our country, Portugal.

Allow me to share with you a few things we are, do and have on this great country.

  1. We have two Nobel prizes: a Nobel Prize in Literature and another one in Medicine.
  2. We have two Pritkzker Architecture prizes: 2011 and 1992 .
  3. We have the best football Coach of the world and one of the best football players of the world.
  4. We discovered the World on the XV century. We’re a brave people who won the ocean and half of the world. We are still brave, although we don’t own half of the world no more, but then…nobody does it either.
  5. We have a considerable large mainland shore,  facing the ocean, with two strategic archipelagos  to Europe and the Atlantic Ocean countries.
  6. We have lovely bridges, both modern as well as from the roman empire.
  7. We have approximately 10.000.000 persons and we all speak the same language.
  8. We have two of the most anciens and vintage wines of the world: Porto and Madeira wines.
  9. We have castels and manoirs, beaches and cliffs.
  10. We have awesome 5* and 4* hotels, where children are welcome.
  11. We are creative, innovators and we think out-of-the box.
  12. We have humor.
  13. We’re friendly and joyful, as well as peaceful.
  14. We lived 41 years under a fascism regime and we made a revolution without any blood. Since then, we are living in democracy for 37 years (we’re only a baby).
  15. By the way, we still make babies (not to all countries to have the same performance, huh?)
  16. We’re a sunny country.
  17. We have internet with wifi in lots of public spaces. Oh! and yes, we use Facebook and Twitter too. And cable TV as well.
  18. We have supermarkets, cinemas, theaters, museums, concerts, discotheques, restaurants, football stadiums, …
  19. We have several airports.
  20. We have trains and subways and highways too.
  21. We have Universities.
  22. We have no death penalty.

We are not PIGS or JUNK.



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