the barefoot walk – Madeira Island

When was the last time you felt the sand, the rocks, the leaves, the grass, under your feet?

Modern life has so many good things but has also made us forget some of the most unique and natural things on our body. Don’t you feel relieved  when you arrive home and you take your shoes off? Well, that’s it!

I experienced those marvelous feelings again in a recent week-end at a local hotel in Madeira. There’s a path called “the barefoot walk” where you can remember again how hard it is to walk over gravel, sea rocks or pine leaves, water, mud, etc.

Take a look at it. The last element is the clean water. Unfortunately, the battery went off one minute before it.

The last element: clean fresh water


2 thoughts on “the barefoot walk – Madeira Island

  1. You should be a well-paid PR-officer for Madeira Island. So many interesting and attrative things you have brought under the reader’s attention…. Congrats again!

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