remembering @IvyBean104 on Grandparents’ Day

The 26th July is National Grandparents’ Day in Portugal.

I no longer have a grandmother or a grandfather. In fact, I’ve only met a grandmother, from my father’s side.

The only thing I remember her is that huge, fresh, tasty, rosted slice of bread generously topped with butter she used to give me when I’d visit her. A simple humble gastronomic memory is all I have from her. But it always makes me smile when I remember her.

On this day, I also remember a lovely lady I found as the oldest lady on Twitter. On this same day in the past year of 2010, at Hillside Manor, Bradford, England,  Pat tweeted on her behalf :

“Hello this is Pat again, sorry to tell you all this but Ivy is very poorly at the minute, we are all hoping she gets well soon” 6:55 PM Jul 26th, 2010

@IvyBean104 was aged 104, she passed away two days after that tweet. Today I remember her as a sweet Twitter grandma.

Don’t miss the opportunity to say hello to your grandpa or grandma today, if they’re still with you.

Is this day also celebrated in your country?


2 thoughts on “remembering @IvyBean104 on Grandparents’ Day

  1. heerenleed says:

    what a lovely little story. At my age… approaching Twitter Grandfathers age really ;) I do not have any grandparents or even parents left, but I remember them all very well. Sometimes, I see them back in the faces of my cousins…
    In the Netherlands, we have Father’s day, Mothers day, but no Grandparents day. Should havve though…

    • LindaMachado says:

      Grandparents day is also recent in Portugal, Peter. But all days are good to cherish them.

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