why my twitter character on visual.ly and other infographic suck

What’s wrong with this infographic? Take a look at Topics, at the bottom of the graphic. Do you understand my topics? No, because it’s about words that have no sense by themselves, even in a Portuguese context.

Que, hoje, um, nas, para, se, uma, are grammatical elements like prepositions, articles, pronouns, etc. Que=what or which, hoje=today, um=a or one (masc), nas=at, para=to or for, se=if, uma=a or one (fem). The reason for these particles to be shown as topics is because they are used with frequency within Portuguese sentences and therefore “pitched” as important by analytic, measurement or graphic programs that only understand English language.

Meaning either we use only English if we want to be quoted or analysed by this kind of applications or you write in your own language (whatever is it, other than English) and you don’t care about ranks in the social media world.

What do you think about it? Do you have any comments?




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