#5 tips from Madeira – neighbors

You know that nice moment we all see in American and English movies, where everybody comes to the new neighbors’ house to say Hi! and bring an apple cake? It’s so nice! And the new people in town inviting their front door neighbors to a dinner at their house or appartment just to socialize with the new community they’re in?

Well, don’t! We simply don’t do that in Madeira!

Do you want to meet your neighbours? Just say Bom dia (good morning) or Boa tarde (good afternoon) and wait for an occasion to meet them at the local café. Then, you can chat about something trivial, like asking some information about the condominium or talking about football or the weather. At the café, everybody will chat to you at ease, you can mingle with locals and make new friends. Not straight inside your house or theirs.

We are friendly people but we are very conservative about our home life. However, once you get invited, you will always feel that you are part of the family.


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