local people to follow #Madeira

Interesting accounts and local people I recommend to follow on Twitter, regarding #Madeira.

These are just a few good examples of good sources for information about the island, since they’re local people to whom you can adress your questions in case you want to get a local approach to whatever issue.

@ILoveMadeira (photos, tourism info, events)

@DecioGaspar (tours guide/driver, photos)

@RuteMJF (tourism, photos, food)

@MiguelJardim (photos, instagrammer, laws)

@ValterGouveia (tourism, photos, technology)

@C_Vasconcelos (tax benefits, International Business Center, food)

@Xana_Abreu (tourism, travel, accomodation, photos)

@Alexandre_Pinto (travel, tourism, technology, events, photos)

@Vascontrelo (marketing, tourism)

@NavegaBem (web design, IT, Social Media)

@Reids_Palace Hotel (accomodation, tourism, travel, photo, gardens)

@PortoBay (accomodation, tourism,travel, photos, events)

@Madeira4all (tourism, accomodation, photos)

@RomanoFaria (DJ, night life, events, music)

@luacintilante (teacher, 4square addict, football lover, photos)

@NatureMeetings (levada walks, trecking, sightseing tours, outdoor activities)

@RotadosCetaceos (Whale and Dolphin watching, tourism, outdoor activities, swimm)

@heerenleed (foreign resident, photos)

@jorgemabreu (photos, travel, diving, paragliding, airport, web design)

@Madeira (photos, tourism, tours, sightseing)

@NiklasJorgensen (wine lover, Madeira wine, wine expert, wine blogger)

@MadeiraRural (travel, tourism, north cost of the island, events, outdoor activities)

@MadeiraFlights (airport, flights to/from Madeira, tourism, travel)

@MadeiraWine (Madeira Wine Institute).

@Madeira_Islands (official Tourism Bureau)

@MadeiraAK (levada walks, canyoning, excursions, tours)


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