to @HootClub, about using Hootsuite

Running multiple accounts can be tricky especially when we’re working with corporate accounts. Following different kinds of people, interests and conversations presents a certain difficulty and it’s never too much to say that no mistakes are welcome in this world of social media and online communication.
The original platforms (Twitter and Facebook in particular) being the main stream, it’s important to have different tools allowing different tasks.
Hootsuite has been an excellent tool, not only because it allows scheduling tweets and posts (long before Facebook allowed it in their own platform) but mainly because of its analytical tools. Whether it is a link or a full post, Hootsuite allows me to get a clean picture of the extent of its reach and share, by country, age, language, etc.
Using Hootsuite allows me to follow up several social media accounts at the same time, on the same application, without the need of signing in and out.
The Publisher calendar is essential to strategic communication and it’s a good tool for any community manager.

I recently signed for the paid account but even when using the free account was already satisfying. Of course the paid option gives you more tools, namely the reports and the more refined statistics.

Last but far from least, a word for the mobile application: it’s easy to use, quick to update, share text or photos  and it works really well on my Android smartphone.

I really enjoy using Hootsuite!


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