a baby horse was born at Porto Santo island

Porto Santo has been my option for holidays since 2009. It’s the best place to rest, to sunbath, to swim, to relax, to disconnect from the world. The island has this effect on everybody, it’s impossible to resist to a good nap and to just doing nothing. For those who think “Oh! this would be impossible for me, I cannot disconnect”, well, just try to come for one week and you then reformulate your words.

As I wrote before, there’s much more to do than just laying on the wonderful yellow sand of the beach. I wrote this post Discover Porto Santo island on a horseback tour, back in 2012, and since then, the horse tours have been an attraction. Unfortunately, due to a recent surgery, I can’t do it this year, but my nephew didn’t miss it and had a ride. 

This year, there’s a baby horse. It’s the kids joy! 

Porto Santo - Passeios a Cavalo 248

Don’t lose the opportunity to discover Porto Santo from a different perspective. Paulo is a nice guy who knows how to welcome the clients. Many of them become his friends and he enjoys seeing them coming back year after year.


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