do you deserve the influence that you have?

about influence

Axel Schultze, founder of Society3 Accelerator and running a crowd funding campain on IndieGogo for his social media organizer Appearoo, wrote a post on LinkedIn about influence and how people can gain influence through their digital life, mainly by talking, writing and sharing about topics that matters to themselves and to others.

He asked 100 business contact what were their thoughts about people with influence on their circles, and this is what he got as an answer.

“76% of influential people are not deserving the influence they have”

At this point, my opinion is that it’s not the business people who are answering to this question that matters. If we are talking about Social Media influence (and that’s precisely what Appearoo is for), then the right persons to approach are those who write and share about businesses, brands, markets, trends. Who are these people?


(travel bloggers, hotel bloggers,  food bloggers, wine bloggers, luxury bloggers, coaching bloggers, design bloggers, tech bloggers, fashion bloggersbloggers, bloggers, bloggers!).

Bloggers are, in my opinion, one of the most influencing people in the world of social media. Many of them share huge content about businesses, companies, brands, but I doubt most of them are considered business people.

Everyone is not a Guy Kawasaki or a Pete Cashmore or a Lolly Daskal with their zillion followers on all channels, but professional bloggers all over the world (and let’s not get stuck on USA only when talking about social media, please!) have lots of followers too, in different areas, in different markets. They are the ones who most likely will find Appearoo as the platform to use in order to enhance the visibility of their posts and their influence.

I don’t have zillions of followers but I use Appearoo too. I use it as my signature on my private emails. People can see me through my different channels and follow me where they prefer. It helps me keep track of all my social media presence and it helps people to get in touch with me through the apps they enjoy most.

Are you a blogger? Do you write to influence people? Please leave your comments.


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