Tourist saved by fishermen in an awkward situation

A foreign citizen was rescued by fishermen this Saturday (26th March 2016), 500 meters off coast of Santa Cruz,  Madeira Island.

Suspecting they had heard someone screaming, the crew quickly turned off the boat engines and tried to assess whether the suspicion was even true. Indeed it was! They saw a woman floating with a handbag and immediately pulled her up to their boat.

This quite unusual event has some rocambolesque contours. mapa madeira santa cruzThe tourist woman aged 65 years old, after finding that he had lost the ship’s departure (Marco Polo) at Funchal harbour, where she had arrived, went to Santa Cruz. Once there and seeing that the cruise ship crossed the sea in front of this local village, she decided to throw herself to sea and swim to reach the ship.

Needless to say, after having swum several hours, her goal failed.

She ended up in hospital and was diagnosed with exhaustion and hypothermia.

marco polo ship

I believe the ship arrived at destination in due time.

The strange thing is that her husband was in the ship!

Some say the woman was brave, other call her crazy. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Tourist saved by fishermen in an awkward situation

  1. Mark says:

    Please can I look at M83 with your scope? I am on holiday in Madeira and my 30mmbins are not good enough.

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