my rules

  1. This blog is a complement to my Twitter account for whenever 140 are not enough to share my thoughts.
  2. Despite item 1. , I don’t feel obliged to publish each and every blog post to Twitter.
  3. I don’t publish under any periodicity but only when I need to or want to.
  4. I do not have any IT professional knowledge, nor communication proficiency, I’m not a journalist nor an expert whatsoever.
  5. I don’t do automatic follow on Twitter.
  6. I follow only people that meet any interest I might have at a certain moment, or just for pleasure.
  7. I may unfollow any Twitter account with no previous notice.
  8. I don’t ask to follow Twitter people with protected accounts unless specifically invited to do so by that person. I respect his/her/their right to privacy. I reserve the right, however, to block people following me with protected accounts, at any time.
  9. I don’t like receiving a Direct Message as a first message from a follower. If  you do so, you might have to wait ages for a reply.
  10. The fact that I RT you doesn’t make me feel obliged to follow you.
  11. Rude language is not published nor accepted in this blog nor in my life.
  12. I write in Portuguese, English and French, mainly, sometimes also in Spanish.
  13. I don’t join discussions on religion, political and sport issues.
  14. I reserve the right to indicate as “good to follow” any person, blog or site I like.
  15. I don’t post nudity, cruelty or violence.
  16. I will always consider to Unfollow any account from which I receive a DM with a link as a first contact.
  17. I follow different people with different types of communication, opinions, interests, professions, countries, beliefs.
  18. Sometimes, along the way, I change my opinions, because the world changes and so do I.
  19. I reserve the right to correct, eliminate or complement these rules according to the events that daily affect my life.
  20. I don’t erase comments. Make sure you’ll feel proud of the words you write.

6 thoughts on “my rules

    • Linda Machado says:

      Obrigada por visitar o meu blog, Pedro. Ainda por cima, comentando, o que é sempre muito agradável para quem partilha blogs.
      Quanto às regras, os meus leitores devem saber com o que podem contar.
      Apareça sempre!

  1. Gosto das tuas regras, boa ideia! Gosto tambem da ‘mise en page’ do blog, muito afora do ordinario, interessante! Boa sorte e ate breve no Twitter.

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